3950 Chief's 1st Response Vehicle
2019 Chevrolet Tahoe
3960 PL Custom Type 1 Ambulance
2020 2019 Ford F-550 4 wd Type 1 Ambulance
4 Wheel Drive
Stryker Stretcher Power Load System
Liquid Ride Chasis
Delivered 3/2021
3960 PL Custom Type 1 Ambulance
Unit is equipped with Stryker Power Load System which will lift the patient cot for placement into the ambulance
Ambulance 39-56
2015 2015 Ford E450, Type III, PL Custom Medallion 100
Ambulance 39-57
2009 Ford E-450 Type III - PL Custom Box Remount
Ambulance 39-58
2010 Ford E-450 Type III - PL Custom Medallion
Ambulance 39-59
2010 Ford E-450 Type III - PL Custom Box Remount
Ambulance 39-60
1983 Ford Braun Type III
First Responder 39-2-55
2006 Dodge Durango
Vehicle contains patient care and management supplies as well as a Command area for EMS Operations.
Gator UTV
2014 John Deere Gator XUV 855D
Equipped with a Kimtek Med-Lite skid unit for single patient transport
Marine Unit 39-M6
1979 12' Boston Whaler
Rescue 39-65
2006 KME Rescue
Vehicle contains multiple forms of vehicle extrication tools, a Command Center and patient management supplies when needed.
Special Operations Unit 39-64
1996 Ford Kenco
Vehicle contains rehab supplies for long term operations such as fires or extreme weather operations. Items contained include, but are not limited to: Rehab chairs, tent enclosures, misting fans, on-board refrigerator.

Vehicle can also be utilized as a scene lighting source or a secondary vehicle rescue truck if needed.
Staging Area Management Trailer 39-SAM2
2010 20' Car-Mate Trailer
NJ EMS Task Force Staging Area Management Trailer

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